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Understanding Art – art is a wide range of human activities and an outcome of these activities. The article understanding this art focuses primarily on visual arts, which includes the creation of an image or object in fields including painting, sculpture, graphic arts, photography, and other visual media. Until the 17th century, art is called whatever skills or mastery and not distinguishable from a craft or science, but in the use of modern art, where aesthetic considerations are paramount, distinguished from the acquired skills in General, and the decorative arts or applied arts.
Understanding Art

Art is a skill and creativity the results of realization of the mind or emotions in the media are potentially publicly accessible mainly for the purpose of attracting us aesthetically. The nature of art, and related concepts such as creativity and interpretation, which are explored in the branch of philosophy known as aesthetics.

Sculptures, cave paintings, rock paintings, and petroglyphs from the Upper Paleolithic Young already found approximately 40000 years ago, but the art is often disputed because so little is known about the culture thing that produced them. The oldest art objects in the world approximately 75000 years ago were found in a cave in South Africa. The containers may have been used to store paint has been discovered approximately 100,000 years old.
Understanding Art according to experts

Here is an understanding of the art, according to some experts.

Art is imitation of nature but nature should be ideal.
Plato and Rousseau
The art of impersonation is the result of nature with all its seginya.
The art is all efforts to create fun shapes. According to each person's happy with art music art music though is the most abstract art
Enslikopedia Indonesia
Art is the creation of all things or objects due to the beauty of people glad to see it or hear it.
Ki Hajar Dewantara
Art is human deeds arising from feelings and beautiful nature, so that it moves the soul of human feeling.

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